We’re back! 

Good evening everyone, Jon here, with another blog post, well, sort of.

A few weeks ago, you may of noticed that our website totally went down. Our host had a major hardware failure and so I was unable to access the site in any form. I took the decision to move hosts , and start afresh, leaving behind the old blog posts, but I’ve managed to recover the mailing list. Let’s just say, sometimes it’s a good thing you don’t delete emails for months!

So, we’ve returned to developing the application, we began work again last week (27th June) all day until 5pm, after which, we all ran home and got ready for prom, I’m glad to say we made it!

The work we did last week was with our developer, Adam, who has really began to point us in the right direction and after a few discussions, we were ‘on our own’ as he just took a seat and watched over us, assisting if needed (which was a lot, we’ve had to come back to quaternions!). We’ve now got a clear direction on the application, and you’ll probably wonder if this app is turning more into a nightmare for the RSPCA/Animal Rights, more on that in a bit!

So, we sat down on Thursday¬†morning, after our 4 month hiatus and began to pick up the pieces of ¬†where we left off, trying to understand what we were aiming for. We had a few discussions with Adam, and quickly came up with a good sense of where we were going with the application, and it’s a much more educational, humorous way, for sure! I think this picture I took of us during these discussions pretty much sums us all up in a nutshell!

Luckily I'm behind the camera on this one!

Luckily I’m behind the camera on this one!

So what is this nightmare for the RSPCA/Animal Rights I hear you ask? Well, I don’t know how to actually put this in text form, it’s a very weird thing to explain to anyone, including myself.

The running theme of the application is now that our penguin is being chased by a polar bear, and has to avoid being eaten by using momentum to get away.It’s a long story, slightly weird story, involving snowball firing guns which can wipe out birds to give the user more ‘points’, incorporating the fact that momentum has a direction. Firing the snowball in one direction, will ‘slightly’ send the penguin in the other direction due to the recoil. Thus, they will either speed up or slow down. It’s difficult to explain, and I hope it makes some sense, I’m sure you’ll understand it when the application reaches release, as we’ll have demonstrations I’m sure.

We made fantastic progress which lead us to today, (2nd July), where Oli, Nick and I worked on the application independently, without the guidance of the ‘all-mighty’ Adam. We had a few errors to fix, but gladly, we worked together and got them resolved after a cup of coffee and a few biscuits(don’t tell the school staff! :) ).

That’s all that I can think of to write today, I’ll be keeping you updated as we make more progress nearly a year after we began the developing stage, we’ve come on leaps and bounds and I feel we’ve learnt so much and our hard work will , hopefully, pay off!

We’ve got a new website which I’ve been working on as well, so any feedback would be great!

Until next time!